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Interview with Jenny von WauMaMa

In this interview, Jenny talks about her experiences with SUP with dogs and gives some practical tips for copying.

This interview is a great addition to the one with Yvonne, which describes the whole more from a coach perspective .

A few facts about Jenny:

  • Jenny is 32 writes on her blog Waumama
  • Mum of a daughter and works in the marketing management
  • lives with four Dobermans from animal welfare
  • with 3 of them she was already on the water or is it still
  • drives only with hardboards, because they do not trust iSUPs with the claws

How did you get on SUP and Stand Up Paddling with your dogs ?

We had my old bitch Jill a few years ago to canoe.That worked great. I myself have known Stand Up Paddling for many years because I lived in Tenerife for a while. I used to have the opportunity to try it out there before.

At some point I managed to get hold of a surfboard nearby, which was actually meant for windsurfing and just tried it out with a dog. It was fun for both of us and provided the perfect opportunity for me to involve the dog in the hobby.

All subsequent dogs were and are gradually getting accustomed to the SUP.

How did you get your dogs on board ?

The first very simple. I asked her to come up and she came on it. That was due to the fact that we had already been working as a team through the world for a few years and a relationship of trust had already been established.

For all the others I started practicing bit by bit, sending them over hurdles and shaky things and eventually I got on board and lured them with food.

Can you recommend certain dry exercises?

Yes I can. By the way, they are not only good for the SUP driving with the dog, but also for the general team building and the relationship of trust between humans and animals.

Just keep sending your dogs into unknown situations, guiding them through and giving them the experience that they can trust you and your instructions.

You may want to let them jump into a wheelbarrow, hunt through a ball pit or tunnel, or lift the board (only the hardboard) on chairs and let them jump on it.

The more often the dog experiences, that nothing happens, if he follows the instructions of his master, but that his master leads him confidently through strange situations, the easier it will be with the SUP.

Also useful are sports that build on similar situations, such as agility or mobility.

What’s your best tip when it just does not work with the dog on the board?

PATIENCE. The nuts and bolts, if you want to get on the water with your dog, is patience. You just have to try it over and over again. Sometimes it just takes longer. Buster our Wasserscheuer male, has now swum for the first time after 1.5 years.

Who gives up too early or builds up pressure, the dog will not get stable on the water. Because only a dog, who is also voluntarily on the board, stands there stable and secure.

Thanks to Jenny for the interview. For those who want to know more, visit Jenny Blogs WauMaMa

. There she writes about her children, their dogs and everything that family chaos brings.

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